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Zapo is a Moon Whistle and a member of Ozen's subterranean delver squad, the Subterranean Bandits. He is also an observer for delvers who are undergoing survival training, far away from Seeker Camp.

He was tasked with surveying Riko and Reg's progress while they were training under Ozen.

Appearance Edit

Zapo wears goggles and has white hair, with a white terraced beard. He is clad in a dark blue coat.

Personality Edit

Due to his brief appearance not much of his character traits are shown, but he seems kind, devoted to Ozen and cares for Marulk.

Plot Edit

Seeker Camp Arc Edit

Marulk goes to get Zapo and the other Subterranean Bandits during the fight between Ozen and Reg , in hopes they can help to stop them.

After Reg regains consciousness he, and the other Subterranean Bandits, infrom him about what happened after he passed out and that Ozen was only testing them to judge if Riko and Reg are ready to hold theier own in the next layers.

During Reg's and Riko's training he, and the other Subterranean Bandits, keeps an eye on them and reports theier progress to Ozen.

When Reg and Riko leave the Seeker Camp he sees them off with the others.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Zapo is the oldest member of the Subterranean Bandits.