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Wazukyan is a narehate in Ilblu. He is one of the Three Sages, the ones who created Ilblu. He can speak the language of humans.

Appearance Edit

Wazukyan is large, and covered by what appears to be an intricately crafted fur robe. His face is flat, with the left half of it marked in a shape reminiscent of a white skull. Two large blunt horns protrude from the sides of his head and arch upwards dramatically before looping back down in front of his face. His arms are a tangled mess of lots of segmented limbs. He walks on two legs.

As a human, he had a bulky, commanding figure and very sharp facial features. He had a beard that framed his face and slicked back hair. His face was covered in scars and he had large bags under his half lidded eyes.

Personality Edit

Despite his intimidating and commanding appearance, Wazukyan seems to be pretty laid back. Though he is one of the ones in charge of the village, he is first seen eating at a very crowded restaurant and making pleasantries with the other patrons. Riko bowed very low when she introduced herself to him as a delver, to which he just replied with "Oh, Cool! That's nice!" and gave her a high five. He seems to have an amiable relationship with most of the other narehate in the village; he greeted them all very casually as he passed by.

Curiously, Riko noted that he "smells of the sun," just like Reg said about another character. Whether this is significant is unknown.

As a human, Wazukyan was essentially the same, if not more serious. Belafu described him as having some sort of a "divine possession" when it came to his instincts. His hunches and predictions were always right, even when he didn't have any prior knowledge, even predicting Vueko's joining Ganja. His crewmates trusted and respected him as their leader. While travelling to the Abyss, he would eat bugs and mice from the bottom of the ship to "prevent disease."

History Edit

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Hollow Abyss Flashback Arc Edit

At some point in the past, Wazukyan led Ganja in search of what the island natives called "Shourou's Golden City" down the 6th layer. During Ganja's advance to the 6th layer they met some Interference Units and learned of the curse. Accepting that they wouldn't be able to return to the surface, Wazukyan proposed to start anew, setting up a permanent camp and become the first citizens of the golden city, thus leading to the later founding of Ilblu.

After some time, members of Ganja started to fall ill and die due to an unknown disease. Belafu discovered that the source of the disease was the water they had been drinking, but left witout any alternative in drinkable water they had no choice to keep using it. Later on, Wazukyan inquires the Interference Units on a stone found by the scavenging team which is revealed to be an Artifact called the the Cradle of Greed. The Artifact is said to be able to grant wishes when touched if the mind of the holder is not "messy or complex," as it tends to be the case with mature humans, and that the fate of the scavenging team was due to the state of their minds. They also mention that "immature" humans have a higher chance of getting their wish granted, due to their minds having less complex of messy thoughts. Vukeo requested it to be given to Irumyuui, in hope it could cure her from the illness, and Wazukyan agreed.

The day after Irumyuui was given the artifact she was all better and didn't feel any pain, but the artifact had fused with her body, being implanted in her chest and she was still disfigured from the illness caused by the water. As time progressed she became more and more transformed and also started to give birth to Neritantan- like offsprings, but they died soon after brith due to being born without organs to digest food. This caused Irumyuui great grief and Vueko comforted her.

When Vueko became ill aswell Wazukyan fed her something she described to taste delicious with a scent of fat. Uppon awaking, Vueko was healed. Seemingly, she has a bad feeling about what Wazukyan gave her to eat and uppon questioning him he reveales the others had been healed aswell, saying "That kid saved us all."

Ilblu Arc Edit

Wazukyan first appears in the narehate restaurant. He is a guest sitting right next to Riko. After she is informed by, Moogie, who he is she hastily introduces herself to him as a delver. Wazukyan gives her an relaxed response saying it's neat that she is a delver and gives her an high five before leaving.

Later on Wazukyan makes a brief appearance at the end of the battle with the Fuzosheppu explaining its nature and praising Riko for doing a "good job". Riko asks him of a way to get Nanachi back from Belafu, to which the sage assumes it might be possible if they were to present a part of "the embodiment of value".