Context: Stumbled upon the anime and binged through the current episode (11) and then binged to the latest manga chapter (42).

I'm thoroughly impressed with how the author has embedded psychological concepts into the fabric of this work's universe. What stands out is the nature of the white whistles as complete expressions of individuation - the absolute differentiation of the individual from the collective mass. Moreover, the element of sacrifice rings true - every attainment of a desire requires a sacrifice, a price to be paid in compensation for the value received. In the last few chapters (thus far) the author definitely demonstrates a fluidity with the market concept.

At heart, the entire trajectory of this work is a Bildungsroman; however, it takes the journey a step further with symbolic embodiments of the manifestation of will. The white whistles are instruments "giving sound to the will of life." Understanding how these whistles are made adds a profound semantic layer around the already poignant symbol. It's literally a compression and expression of the will to move forward, at any cost. For, as is noted, "keeping going forward is the hardest thing to do."

We become the tools we use; our tools become a part of our existence. From the will to challenge the abyss emerges the divine individuality that engraves itself upon the whistle. The whistle becomes an embodiment, an extension of the will to move forward. It's such a beautiful metaphor when we interpret the music of the whistle as the sound of the seeker's soul. It is a cry into the void, a declaration of existence against the curse of the abyss.

"At the end of your journey, what shall be the closure of what you obtain? The ones who shall decide upon it, are only they who challenge."

Looking forward to more from the author and the series. Carpe diem.