Takeguma (Eng: Shroom Bears) are creatures which can be found at the 4th layer of the Abyss.

Description Edit

Takeguma are small rodentish mammals with beady eyes and large noses. They have stocky bodies with short legs, and a long thin tail. They have a symbiotic relationship with the parasitic water shrooms that are often found growing off of their backs; when the Takeguma grow weak, the water shrooms on their back release some of the nutrients they've been storing into the body of its host Takeguma, restoring it to health.


Nanachi's explanation on the symbiotic relationship between the Takeguma and the water shrooms

The water shrooms were a key part in Riko's recovery after being attacked by the Tamaugachi. Nanachi grafted the shrooms onto her wound, so that the water shrooms would aid in the healing process.

The flesh of the Takeguma is edible, and has been described as being dark in colour. It is unknown whether or not it is palatable or delicious. Only Reg has been observed to have prepared and cooked it. Having never cooked due to that duty being left to Riko, Reg went awry in attempting to clean the Takeguma, leading to the flesh of his Takeguma having a bitter taste and smelling of excrement.

Their danger classification was left unmentioned, though considering their lack of offensive capability against Reg and docility after being shoved inside a container for transport, it can be presumed that they may have ☆ (Harmless).