The Scarlet Maw is a giant red snake species that live primarily in the third layer's steep cliffs. By spreading its hood it is able to swiftly surf the air currents. Sometimes they might fly up to the upper layers in search of food, but it is exceedingly rare to see them in the most shallow sections of the abyss. They have vestigal eyes and many wart-like appendages on their lower jaws.

Whether it's to harvest the nutriets, or the tempter the gizzard is unknown, but they are known to habitually swallow relics and minerals. There is no doubt that the sac of any of them bears treasure in great quantities, though the possibility of it being defecated cannot be crossed out either.

They're ferocious predators that attack any delver on sight, so their danger level is high, standing as some of the most dangerous creatures on the third layer. Their meat is edible, but it's not very tasty.

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