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In Order of Appearance Edit

With all the unusual plants and animals in the abyss, you can bet on there being some pretty unusual foods as well, for better or for worse.

Riko Bombs: Edit

Riko bombs
  • Prepared by: Riko
  • Ingredients: Rice, processed seaweed (Orth grown). The moister the thick matting shrubs are, the tastier it gets. Adults like to add other ingredients too; beans, smoked fish, condiments, magoimo starch, etc; but Riko and her friends can't stand how they smell.
  • Extra: Orth cannot produce rice, so it has to be imported from overseas, making it a special food. It is only eaten on days when a person delves into the abyss, because of the possibility of death while spelunking. So, Riko always makes them big.

Riko Soup: Edit

Riko Stew anime
  • Prepared by: Riko
  • Ingredients: 2 sliced Demonfish (organs removed undamaged), diced sainona, miso stick, a bit of Eternal Fortune.
  • Appearance: Irredeemable
  • Taste: Rich and strikingly delicious
  • Extra: Smoke the fishs' livers and coat them with miso to preserve them for a later time.

Riko Stone Roast Edit

Riko Stone Grill anime
  • Prepared by: Riko
  • Ingredients: meat from a Corpse-Weeper, seasoned with rock salt and Eternal Fortune seeds and grilled on both sides; steamed under ouba leaves.
  • Appearance: Appetizing
  • Fragrance: Inviting
  • Taste: Delicious flavor that appeals to one's instincts
  • Extra: The meat of corpse-weepers smells bad, so the ouba leaves provide the enticing smell.

Nanachi's Special Netherworld Stew Edit

Abyss stew
  • Prepared by: Nanachi
  • Ingredients: Demonfish, Giant Hammerbeak eggs, yellow-shining grass, Gintoko (mushroom), salt, an amount of water equal to the demonfish's weight.
  • Appearance: Like sticky mud
  • Fragrance: Oddly fishy
  • Taste: Irredeemable
  • Extra: Its smell is similar to that of a nest of Stingerheads. In her notes, Lyza stated that Stingerhead nests smell like burnt dried vomit, thus it can be assumed that burnt dried vomit is also an accurate description of how Netherworld Stew smells.

Reg's Grill Edit

Reg's grill anime
  • Prepared by: Reg
  • Ingredients: seared Takeguma meat; dried and salted Eternal Fortune's seeds and fruits
  • Appearance: Looks a bit tough
  • Fragrance: Smells strongly like the animal
  • Taste: About par (with Nanachi's Netherworld Stew)

Riko's Dishes: Pan-Fried Demonfish Edit

Fried gangimasu
  • Prepared by: Riko
  • Ingredients: Demonfish, deep fried with its own blubber; sprinkled with Zuutsugi roots (without tinting the dish); served with Tokoshieku fruits and crushed boiled eggs seasoned with salt
  • Appearance: Not too shabby
  • Fragrance: Captivatingly savory
  • Taste: Can't get enough of it

Riko Sashimi: Salt-Rubbed Hamashirama Fillet Edit

Riko's sashimi
  • Prepared by: Riko, with assistance from Reg and Nanachi
  • Ingredients: Hamashirama (reddish-yellow guts removed because they make you sick), dried algae salt, thoroughly rubbed on the body; the skin is tough and used as a plate.
  • Fragrance: Stinks of stagnant saltwater
  • Appearance: Much the same
  • Taste: Full of sweetness with pleasant, chewy interior texture

Riko's Egg Fried Mizoujack Hatchlings Omelette Edit

Rikos eggs
  • Prepared by: Riko, with assistance from Reg and Nanachi
  • Ingredients: Mizoujack hatchlings, boiled in its egg then cut out and fried in oil; scented with broken up Energy Ration Type 4 mixed with dried Kashita and rock salt.
  • Appearance: Somewhat fierce
  • Fragrance: An assault of oil and herbs