Deep within it, the Abyss creeps into your mind. Eventually, it'll get your body as well. Unlike the curse from the 6th Layer, those don't manifest immediately. For every expedition, you'll stand at the precipice of death and insanity, twisting the skin off your head.

About Edit

Ozen "The Immovable" is a legendary white whistle Delver who has made outstanding discoveries of The Abyss and retrieved numerous artifacts of incredible value. Even among her fellow white whistles, Ozen is renowned for her incredible physical strength. She is a mysterious entity, shrouded by countless rumors that are absurd but hard to refute.

She lives at the Seeker Camp within the 2nd Layer of the Abyss, where she commands a small team of cave raiders known as "The Layabouts."


Ozen is an exceedingly tall and rather slim woman that stands at over 2 meters of height. She has a strangely shaped black and white hairstyle that is styled in a special way to conceal the scalp deformations caused by the extended exposure to the Curse of the Abyss. Her eyes are pitch black and reflect no light, giving her a rather unsettling and disturbing gaze. When fully equipped for delving, she wears a bulky armor and a disc-shaped hat that covers her eyes.

Her White Whistle is adorned with a pair of horns, resembling the visage of an ox.


Ozen has absolute control over her facial expressions and as a result her actual feelings (or lack thereof) cannot be guessed with any certainty. The reasons behind her actions are unknowable as well—Ozen rarely bothers to explain herself and even when she does it's impossible to know whether she's telling the truth or just toying with those listening to her.


Plot Edit


She is a peerless fighter. Her unique relic "Thousand Pins" that have been embedded in her body grants her superhuman strength, speed and longevity (even though Ozen appears to be young, she attained the rank of a white whistle more than 50 years back).


  • (to Reg) "do you have a conception of God? The people around here, you see, don't believe in God. Do you know what they believe in? The answer is this place - the Abyss itself."
  • (to Riko & Reg) "Don't stay in the deep layers if you don't want to kill those who are waiting for you."

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