Natt is an orphan from the Belchero Orphanage in the town at the edge of the abyss Orth. Like all the children of the orphanage, he's studied to become a delver since a young age and attained the rank of red whistle after his first descent. He wants to become a Moon Whistle like Leader Jiruo someday and build an orphanage somewhere in Orth.


He has short brown hair with bright blue eyes and wears, like his peers, a red whistle around his neck. He is often seen in his plain white sailor collar shirt, green pants, and track shoes.


He really cares about the people around him, especially Riko. He was against Riko descending into the Abyss with Reg; he spoke of the difficulties of dealing with the Abyss alone and that he wouldn't be able to see Riko anymore. Although he was helping Riko and Reg descend into the Abyss, before the departure, he was hesitating to say anything because he missed Riko so much.

History Edit

He used to live in the Wharf (Orth, South District) where he lived in the slums; he didn't have any family besides his older sister. When his sister died, he was alone in the streets, but the orphanage took him in, him becoming a delver.


  • When Reg got registered at the orphanage, the story he used was based on Natt's backstory.

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