Natt is an orphan from the Belphero Orphanage in the town at the edge of the abyss Orth. Like all the children of the orphanage, he's studied to become a Delver since a young age and attained the rank of a red whistle after his first descent. He wants to become a Moon Whistle like Leader Jiruo someday and build an orphanage somewhere in Orth.


Short Brown Hair with bright Blue Eyes and wears a red whistle around his neck. He is often seen in his plain white sailor collar shirt, green pants and track shoes.


He really cares with people around him, especially with Riko. He is against Riko for descending to the Abyss with Reg, as he spoke off the consequences dealt with the Abyss and he can't see Riko anymore. While he is helping Riko and Reg for descending to the Abyss, before the departure, he really hesitates to say anything because he misses Riko so much.



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