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Every Narehate's body more or less took on the form of their desire.



Narehate (or "hollow") are beings who have survived the 6th layer's curse and whose bodies have become deformed as a result. They can take many different forms depending on the circumstances of their transformation. Their exact properties as a species are unknown. The word "narehate" comes from the term "nare no hate" (成れの果て) which means "the shadow of one's former self". 

Idofront Edit

Many of Bondrewd's experiments at Idofront ended with his test subjects becoming narehate. Most end up as amorphous blobs of flesh with little to no brain activity. It is known that they are virtually indestructible, can survive without food or water, and can neutralize any poisons they come into contact with. Mitty is an example.

Bondrewd and narehate

Bondrewd and amorphous type narehate from the results of his experiments

In very special circumstances, due to a practice that places one person's burden of the curse onto another, sometimes the effects of the curse are nullified, and what is received instead is what Bondrewd refers to as the "blessing." The result of this ends with the subject still being deformed, but their mind and overall anatomy remains intact. Rather than becoming unrecognizable, people who receive the blessing gain animalistic qualities such as fur and claws. The only two known beings who have become narehate due to this method are Nanachi, and Bondrewd himself.

Faputa is another narehate similar to Nanachi and Bondrewd, in that she is humanoid and intelligent, though her point of origin is unknown.

Ilblu Edit

Narehate at the village of Ilblu are very different than the narehate at Idofront. They take many different shapes, and seem to be made of many different materials. Majikajya stated that when someone chooses to become a narehate, they become bound to the village and cannot leave, but in return receive the form of their desire and the village's protection.

Ilblu narehate

Some of the narehate from Ilblu

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