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God... Please, save us. I've finally found... A treasure that's precious to me. Please... Don't take her away from me...

—Nanachi, moments before theirs and Mitty's ascension


Reg looking at Narehate disposed at the Miniature Garden of Dawn.

The Miniature Garden Of Dawn is a part of the Idofront, the Forward Operating Base between the 5th Layer and 6th Layer, constructed by Bondrewd. It dips into the 6th Layer and is used as a place for Bondrewd's experiments in warding off the curse. This is where most of the byproduct Narehate from said experiments are disposed, and the last place where Mitty and Nanachi were still human before being transformed into Narehate.

Nanachi and Mitty being experimented on by Bondrewd in the Miniature Garden Of Dawn.