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Me ya—

Meinya is Prushka's pet given to her as a present from her father Bondrewd as a tenth birthday present. Its name is a result of Prushka not being able to pronounce "Meinastoirim" when it was given to her. It later joined Reg, Riko, and Nanachi on their adventure to the bottom of the abyss.


Meinya is a rabbit-sized creature called a Meinastoirim, also known as a Child of Change. It has and oval shaped body, stubby legs and feet, and large ears it uses to fly with. Its face is somewhat resemblant of a toad's, as its pupils are slitted horizontally across the entire diameter of the eye.


Meinya cares deeply for Prushka, as shown when it cried in despair and began to lap up what was spilling out of Prushka's cartridge after it had been used.


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