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Meinya is Prushka's pet given to her as a present from her father Bondrewd as a tenth birthday present. Its name is a result of Prushka not being able to pronounce "Meinastoirim" when it was given to her. It later joins Reg, Riko, and Nanachi on their adventure to the bottom of the Abyss.


Meinya is a rabbit-sized creature called a meinastoirim, also known as a child of change. It has an oval shaped body, stubby legs and feet, and large ears it uses to fly with. Its face is somewhat resemblant of a toad's as its pupils are slitted horizontally across the entire diameter of the eye.

By sniffing Meinya's fur, Riko and Prushka are able to navigate Idofront without succumbing to the Curse.


Meinya cares deeply for Prushka, as shown when it cries in despair and begins to lap up what is spilling out of Prushka's cartridge after it has been used.

History Edit

After Bondrewd had adopted Prushka he gifted Meinya to her and the previous frantic Prushka slowly started apporaching the strange animal, with a dubious curiosity, and started showing signs of affection with it, naming it Meinya. Overjoyed with the first signs of recovery of his new daughter, Bondrewd declared that the day would be her birthday and afterwards Purshka's condition started to steadly improve.

Plot Edit

Idofont Edit

During the main group's stay at Idofont, Prushka and Riko become friends and Prushka introduces Riko to her pet: Meinya.

During Reg's and Bondrewd's fight, Bondrewd ejects several of his cartridges and begins to recite their names. Meinya interrupts him, running to one cartridge and, after sniffing and licking the contents, wailing over it. Bondrewd confirms that this cartridge contained Prushka.

Ilblu Arc Edit

Due to an accident, Meinya is injured by a very curious narehate and the group witnesses the village's ritual to balance value. Nanachi confrims that Meinja is fine and it will just take abit time until it's swollen intestines return to normal.


Trivia Edit