Also called a "Child of Change," not much is known about the species as a whole, due to there being only one known specimen.

Description Edit

Meinastoirim are small rabbitish creatures with round bodies, stubby legs, and large feathered ears that they use to fly with. Their eyes have a horizontally slitted pupil, making their faces look somewhat toad-like. Assuming Meinya is not an exception, they are friendly, vocal animals, and can form strong bonds with humans.

Meinastoirim have pliant, flexible bones that can undergo a lot of stress. When Meinya was injured, rather than being crushed, her eyes were pushed out of their sockets, and her intestines out of her anus, before being popped back in with relative ease.

Its Danger classification is unknown, but due to their seemingly helpless nature it can be estimated at about ☆ (Harmless)

Trivia Edit

  • Meinstoirim closely resemble the real world animal the Desert Rain Frog. It's possible that this species could have inspired their looks, as a video of one went viral in 2013.