The episode starts with Riko and Natt, descending about 100 meters, at the Edge of the Abyss. During the walk, Riko mentions that she got some relic, especially the Star Compass, but she was found hiding it, worried for getting the worse punishment. A kind of quiet eerie, there are no hammerbeaks exist in their location, maybe they are returning at their nests, Natt added and they are going to excavate in their assigned areas.

Indeed, it is Riko's first excavation, she got a bunch of low grade relics or junk ones, unexpectedly, she opens a casket and saw a Praying Skeleton that poses in prayer. While Riko's taking a break, her backpack was overflown of a low grade relic, and carrying it heavily.

While Riko calls for Natt's help, unfortunately, the Scarlet Maw appears before her while she carries the bag full of relics. As for Riko's surprise, Natt, drew much blood in his forehead and he is lying unconscious above the cliff, and Natt's backpack was taken by Scarlet Maw by eating it. Natt's gonna be eaten by a Scarlet Maw, till Riko blows her red whistle to be able to follow her. Too much of Scarlet Maw's ferocity, it uses its tail to sweep Riko, and Riko falls just below the excavation point. The Scarlet Maw just above Riko's presence, entails to follow her, until Riko reached the dead end of the pit. Riko has been cornered by a Scarlet Maw, she's gonna be eaten and unexpectedly, a beam of light shines and hits the Scarlet Maw, and the Scarlet Maw escaped.

The petrified trees are melted because of the the beam, and indeed, save Riko's life. While Riko is taking a walk, she saw a beautiful blue necklace. After she found a necklace, she saw a boy, lying on the grass, its hand still glowing and its light suddenly disappears. Riko calls for the boy but no response, suddenly performs a CPR, because it is not breathing. However, what Riko was doing is actually bending its face and she proves the boy is not a human but a robot instead. Although, she was amazed what she saw, she questioned herself, where is this robot boy came from and more of that, just above Riko, there is a black smoke (that is where the beam came from).

Riko carries the robot boy, a kind of heavy, because of its components, and Riko seeks help with Natt to carry over the robot boy until they're back in Orth.

While giving thanks for the transportation, Natt argues with Riko with the hard part to continue carry the robot boy, suddenly Shiggy appears and asks who they carry over. For the meantime, they carried the robot boy to the orphanage, however, Belchero, the guild director, stands at the front door, having a conversation with the red whistles and get them inside the orphanage. Shiggy had a plan to be able to pass through, by calling and giving Kiyui a hand signal at the veranda and tricked Belchero momentarily.

On the next day, leader Jiruo acknowledges within the guild for working hard and to work hard for the next cave-raiding. While taking with Belchero's side, helping within the relics is strictly forbidden, as much of Riko made a heavy sweat, it seems Belchero glares with her, on the other hand, Belchero leave a reminder for all students in the guild. Jiruo called Riko for what was happening yesterday, Riko saves Natt and she slightly mentioned the robot boy but Jiruo dont mind for it. Assessing Riko's progress, Riko wants to be assigned something deeper to able to see her mother but Jiruo refuses to do it because of less experience, Riko must work hard. Natt appears and eavesdropping Riko along with Shiggy and Kiyui. Natt questioned Riko for the robot boy, Riko wants to wake up the robot boy and she needs help with them.

Later that night, the robot boy wake up with his eyes half open, he heard some children's voices in an unfamiliar place. Riko's company is busy dialing the electricutor, however the robot boy wants to sleep again. Riko recklessly dial the electricutor at high range, she turn it on and the robot boy strongly zaps himself in the chair and fully wakes him up. Before they perform the electricution, the robot boy was carried to Riko's bedroom, formerly a torture chamber. Riko throw many questions to the robot boy, but the robot boy didn't know all about himself, that he is a robot. Afterwards, Shiggy is in a hurry, the whole orphanage ran out of electricity, because of jolting the electricutor, also leader Jiruo is coming to Riko's bedroom. Riko hid the robot boy with a blanket while Natt, Shiggy and Kiyui escapes.

Riko opens the door, seeing leader Jiruo, and he questioned Riko for what she recklessly did to the orphanage power outage. Leader Jiruo enters her room making Riko worry, and later he suspiciously saw a blanket and suddenly swipe it but the chair was empty. Riko can't believe that the robot boy disappeared, and she say sorry to leader Jiruo. Riko saw the robot boy above extending himself and hide, however leader Jiruo drag Riko outside to write an apology for this mess. The robot boy hid himself for his own safety and afterwards, he descended down to Riko's bedroom with his extended metal arm, questioning himself for his existence until Riko quickly opens the door. Riko escaped from leader Jiruo while Natt's company have caught, however leader Jiruo still chases Riko and goes back to her bedroom making Riko startled. The robot boy have a plan to escape with Riko, Riko grabs the robot boy and he used his extended metal arm to escape through the veranda, leader Jiruo still looking for Riko.

The robot boy expects for not good to happen because he escaped along with Riko. Before Riko have things to show, she mentions the name Reg, which she names it to the robot boy and that name comes from Riko's dog.

Before the sun rises, they are going together to the windmill until the sun rises up, Riko showed to Reg the city of the great pit, Orth. Reg was amazed for the huge pit which is called the "Abyss", and it seems he forgot everything about it. Riko found Reg in the depths of the Abyss, or maybe he comes from the bottom of the abyss, and it is the first time for Riko found a robot like him.

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New CharactersEdit

  • Riko
  • Natt
  • Reg (Riko named the robot boy after)
  • Shiggy
  • Belchero
  • Kiyui
  • Jiruo

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"Over the span of many years, with a spirit of adventure for the unknown and countless legends luring them in, the world's only remaining unexplored chasm has swallowed up a great many people. It is known as the Abyss"

BGM (Soundtrack Used in this Episode) Edit

  • To the Abyss!
  • Beni-Kuchi-Nawa
  • Those Everyday Feels
  • Underground River (opening version ft. Raj Ramayya)
  • Rafters
  • Reg Wakes
  • Indoor Voices
  • Hanazeve Caradhina (ft. Takeshi Saito)