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Riko, about to choose to give up half her internal organs in exchange for Nanachi, is stopped by Majikajya who says "Lose anything and it's over." Then Riko is pulled out of Belafu's hut and a "summoning" occurs in which a creature that has been to the village of Ilblu before appears and terrorizes the village. Riko sees it head towards the jeweler's and goes to collect Prushka in her embellished whistle form before the shop is destroyed. Juroimo, one of the three sages, decides that the creature is tough enough that he should get involved in the fight. Riko then becomes worried about the village after the narehate from the market, including Moogie, go to protect the it from the creature. Riko formulates a plan, after getting an estimate on the value on the creature, to defeat it and get Nanachi back.

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