Prisoner (囚われし者, Torawareshi mono) is the forty-fifth chapter of Made in Abyss series, and it was published by Akihito Tsukushi in the 20th of February 2018.

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Riko just found a mysterious girl named Veko inside a cave in the Village and learned a bit about her before she helped her escape. Veko told Riko that her friends could be in the house of one of The Three Sages "Belafu". When Riko entered Belafu's house she found Nanachi laying beside a Narehate that looked like Mitty and also that Majikajya was inside the sage's house with them. When Riko met the Sage they told her that Mitty was a clone that they got by sacrificing half of their body to get a copy of her through replication because they did not have the money to directly buy Mitty from Bondrewd. They also told about why Nanachi was with the Mitty copy and Belafu, and what Riko has to do to get them back.

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  • The Village of IIblu True Nature
  • What will Riko choose?
  • Changing of Values
  • Faputa's History
  • What did Veko do to get prisoned?
  • What exactly is Veko?