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Reg is disgusted that Bondrewd could sacrifice Prushka, who loved him so dearly. With renewed resolve, Reg resumes the battle. Unknown to them, Riko has overheard the conversation from nearby and is in tears.

In a flashback, Prushka's origin is shown. The daughter of an Umbra Hand, she was afflicted by the curse at an early age, to the degree that she was only able to say "It hurts" and shriek in pain. An Umbra Hand and her caretaker, Gueira, suggests putting her out of her misery, but Bondrewd decides to adopt her, with the reasoning that a prayer cannot be born from those who only know joy. Prushka makes little progress until Bondrewd gives her Meinya, who serves as her first source of interest and joy. While playing with Meinya, Prushka follows it up a staircase and is hit by ascension strain, suffering severe damage. Bondrewd is confident she will recover quickly. Prushka's hair is permanently curled from the incident, and she wonders why Meinya wasn't hurt. She keeps investigating, and discovers by smelling Meinya's fur, she can navigate the staircase better. Gueira notes that some Abyss animals have this ability. Prushka asks him to keep it a secret from Bondrewd. Bondrewd shows a cartridge to Prushka, explaining it is a girl who helps him. Prushka promises to help him, too. Prushka visits the power plant with Gueira, where they see workers who failed to become Umbra Hands. Prushka gives them homemade whistles to thank them for their service. Bondrewd instructs Prushka to greet and befriend Riko's group, mentioning that Riko is also the daughter of a White Whistle. Prushka is slightly jealous, but commits herself to following her orders. Prushka is amazed by Riko's descriptions of the surface, her friends, and adventures. Prushka recalls moments of her being processed into a cartridge.

Bondrewd is able to nullify the Incinerator by firing Sparagmos at it. He pins Reg down and damages Reg's stomach with his claws, but Reg fires the Incinerator from his foot, distracting Bondrewd. A second Incinerator charges from above, and Bondrewd looks up to see Riko holding Reg's stolen arm, which fires on him. Prushka's final wish is to reconcile with Riko and the others, and for Bondrewd not to fight them, so that they can all go on an adventure together.

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  • Prushka was able to guide Riko through climbing the staircase (Chapter 033) because she had learned,

through trial and error, and with help from Meinya, to do it herself.

  • Prushka's memories of being processed confirm that children are still alive as it is done to them, as Nanachi said (Chapter 034).
  • The damaged power plant workers were first seen when Reg encountered them (Chapter 033).

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