Reg confronts the Praying Hand, who warns him to be quiet and says that the grounds are forbidden. To Reg's shock, the Praying Hand returns Blaze Reap to him, warns him not to lose it again, and urges him to pass the warning onto Riko and Nanachi. Nanachi wonders how Bondrewd was able to observe them, and she and Reg agree that they need more information. Reg insists on observing the Praying Hand, who doesn't respond.

Riko notices an insect that resembles an Eternal Fortune. Reg is stunned to see the Praying Hand was studying a delver who is being eaten alive and nested in by insects. The Praying Hand explains that this is why the grounds are forbidden: the insects hide among the flowers and prey upon unsuspecting humans. Riko finds an entry in her notes that warns of the insects nesting the 6th Layer, and the potential dangers of them spreading to higher layers. The Praying Hand says that three of their number have already been killed, including the one who found Blaze Reap. He reveals that he sent some Moon Whistles to plant burning agents in the field, but they likely won't return, and uses a flamethrower to set the field ablaze. Reg protests, wanting to save the delvers, but the Praying Hand insists there is nothing else that can be done. Nanachi agrees, since she cannot protect Riko by herself. The Praying Hand tells Reg to return to this friends, and says Bondrewd is waiting for them. The insects become active and start attacking Reg, but his being a robot protects him.

Reg apologizes to Nanachi for failing to find out how Bondrewd is observing them. Nanachi is angry at herself, because she thought her ability to see the force field meant that she could see everything. She doesn't like that Bondrewd is expecting not just her, but all three of them. The trio pauses to watch the field as it is entirely consumed in flames.

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  • A Praying Hand returns Blaze Reap to Reg.
  • The trio witnesses the destruction of the 4th Layer flower field.

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