After traveling into the 4th layer of the Abyss, The Goblet of Giants, the last chapter ended on Reg and Riko encountering a Tamaugachi. Riko warns Reg not to fight back against the Tamaugachi, as they can pierce through even steel. The Tamaugachi fires needles at the two, and Reg grabs Riko, and then successfully evades unscathed. Then, the Tamauigachi extends it's spikes and rushes at them. Reg and Riko themselves weren't hurt, but the Tamaugachi was able to tear the backpack, and their equipment goes flying out. Reg then realizes that the Tamaugachi can predict the it's prey's movements. The Blaze Reap lands right next to the Tamaugachi's foot, and it kicks it away. Reg recalls Ozen saying that the creatures on the third layer are much more cunning, and stronger. As the Tamaugachi approaches the two, Riko hands Reg the Scale Umbrella and tells him Tamaugachis should be afraid of objects or creatures larger than it. The Tamaugachi charges at them, and Reg attempts to block it with the Scale Umbrella, however, the Tamaugachi is able to break through it, and the spikes nearly hit Reg. When Reg looked for the Blaze Reap, behind him, Riko's hand was hit by Tamagauchi's poisonous spike which Reg panicked. Riko called Reg for help, Reg hurried to constrict the poison while the Tamaugachi waited for them to move; the Blaze Reap was submerged and he can't use the incinerator, otherwise he will be blacked out for 2 hours. Escape is the only option for Reg, they can't run as Tamaugachi predicted their movements, he try ascending the 4th layer however, the curse resides "the every hole of her body will bleed"; Riko answered to do ascend because she dont have much time left to live; Reg granted her request and ascent the 4th layer, with 800-meter altitude. After the ascension, Riko begins to hallucinate due to the curse of the Abyss, as well as bleed as ascending from the fourth layer will do. Riko begins to think that the Abyss' curse may not only be harming her, but as well as helping her. She thinks that the poison will be drawn out by the bleeding. Reg attempts to wipe the blood from her eyes, but no matter how many times he wipes it, blood keeps gushing out. He tries to take Riko's glove off to check the wound, but she screams in pain due to her hand being so swollen. Riko tells Reg that he'll have to cut her hand off, or she will die. Tears fill in Reg's eyes. Reg goes with the plan to cut Riko's hand off. Riko told him that he'd have to break the bone of her arm, or else cutting her hand off with a knife would be troublesome as mentioned by a Black Whistle delver to Riko. Reg get a stone and put it under Riko's arm for breaking the bone and puts a stick of wood in her mouth to suppress the pain. He tightly tie a rope near her hand to prevent the poison from flowing over her body. Reg goes with a signal to break Riko's arm, he did it by pushing through against the stone and broke her arm into half, which result to Riko screaming in pain. Reg regreted for what he did to Riko, she almost lost her consciousness because of her broken arm and reminded Reg to continue their journey to the netherworld's bottom. Reg's hand are trembling while trying to cut Riko's arms off, but tries to stay focused. Then, small creatures begin to swarm around Reg, and he tries to swat them away in a sort of sad-angry manner, Riko then stops breathing in a midst of this. Reg sobs trying to revive Riko from dying, and an unfamiliar voice comes from nearby, that says "You're noisy," and tells him that Riko's heart is still beating, though it may stop any moment. Reg asks who said so, and it almost reveals it's real name, But just says "I'm just a fluffy stuffed doll. One that's here to comfort you guys."

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  • Who is the mysterious "Fluffy stuffed doll?"