Riko and Reg descend through the 3rd Layer, the Great Fault, which features a long, vertical shaft. The trip is made more dangerous by the Madokajack constantly seeking prey. Fortunately, there are plenty of Neritantan who make nests in holes along the shaft. Riko uses them as distractions to draw the predators away. Riko and Reg run into the very same Scarlet Maw that Reg saved Riko from previously. Reg recalls Ozen's warning: using the Incinerator causes Reg to fall asleep within ten minutes, and for two hours afterward, it is impossible to wake him up. This would leave Riko completely unprotected, so if Reg uses the Incinerator, he must make absolutely sure that he defeats the threat before him.

Riko recalls that the Scarlet Maw eats relics, so she throws one to distract it, allowing Reg to attack from below. He knocks the Scarlet Maw into the shaft, where it is attacked by several Madokajack.

Riko and Reg descend to the 4th Layer, which consists of a series of platforms filled with hot water. As they travel, Reg becomes aware of something watching them, that also moves when they talk. He thinks it may be a delver, but not a White Whistle, though he is concerned that he hasn't been able to locate it yet. Suddenly, an Orb Piercer appears behind them.

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Referbacks Edit

  • The Scarlet Maw that Reg scared off in Chapter 001 returns. Riko theorizes that it followed their scent.



  • Riko and Reg reach the 3rd Layer, and defeat the Scarlet Maw for the second time.
  • Riko and Reg reach the 4th Layer.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • Who is secretly observing Riko and Reg
  • If the Scarlet Maw is finally gone for good
  • How Riko and Reg will handle the Orb Piercer