Reg fires his extending arm to grab Riko, but is repeatedly blocked by other Nakikabane swooping into his path. Riko is helpless, due to suffering from 2nd Layer ascension strains, as she is carried toward a nest where Nakikabane chicks will feed on her.  Several Nakikabane attack Reg together, and he blacks out briefly. Reg's body suddenly recalls its own power, and he fires a wide beam, obliterating everything in its path and killing the Nakikabane carrying Riko. Reg uses his extending arms to catch her, and the surviving Nakikabane fly away. Riko seems unharmed but is still suffering from ascension strain. Reg is disturbed by the realization that if his aim had been off, he would have killed Riko.

Riko wakes up, finding Reg nearby and herself topless. Greatly flustered, Reg explains that he got worried when she didn't wake up right away, so he checked her for possible wounds. Riko thanks him, then notices the nearby destruction. Instead of being disturbed by the idea that he could have killed her, as Reg feared, Riko is amazed by Reg's beam, which she names Incinerator, and has faith that he will master it one day, which she is eager to help him do.

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  • Riko compares this use of Reg's Incinerator to the first one in Chapter 002.

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  • Reg saves Riko from the Nakikabane colony, and Riko names his beam weapon Incinerator.

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