A narehate in Ilblu. Whether he has an actual name is unknown. Due to the fact that he can only say "Maaa" Riko took to calling him that. He doesn't seem to mind. Apparently none of the other narehate in Ilblu can understand what he's saying either.

Description Edit

Maaa resembles a sheet ghost, having a round-shaped body with fabric-like folds at the bottom, covering any feet he may have. He has a split mouth like a cat, with a large tooth in the center, and is usually drooling. His eyes are small and beady and often have tears coming out of them. Maaa is covered in pink fur and has two tentacle-like arms. There is a darker patch of fur over his left eye from when his body was torn apart during the balancing ceremony. Amusingly, Maaa has a very prominent posterior.

Plot Edit

While Majikajya was showing Riko, Reg, and Nanachi Ilblu's Marketplace, Maaa got a hold of Meinya, and accidentally crushed her. Meinya ended up being fine, but nonetheless, Maaa had damaged an item that did not belong to him. A sound rang out around the village, signalling the balancing ceremony. One of Maaa's possessions was taken and destroyed, he was partially skinned alive, and one of his arms was torn off. His arm seemed to grow back, but where he was skinned he now has a dark patch of fur.

Later, Maaa saved Riko from some narehate who were trying to harm her. Riko then invited him to come along with her, and since then Maa has accompanied her throughout the village, much to his delight. It is obvious that he deeply regrets what he did to Meinya. He has taken a liking to her, and she is often seen on his head or in his arms.

When the Oogasumi attacks Riko, Maaa sacrifices itself to save her. Before Maaa is dragged away, Riko uses her white whistle to save them.

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