Laffi (fan translation: Lafy; called Auntie by Riko and the children at Belchero Orphanage) is Hablog's wife and owner of a shop in Orth. She is well-liked by Riko and the other orphans, who frequent her shop. Riko often using her telescope to observe Abyssal wildlife.

Appearance Edit

Laffi has orange hair, tied in a ponytail with two long curls on each side of her ears. She has purplish, clear eyes with wrinkles close to both. She wears a a read shirt and an appron, with pockets on it, above it.

Personality Edit

Laffi is very kind and motherly.

Plot Edit

Orth Arc Edit

After having returned from a trip into the Abyss, Riko uses the telescope in Laffi's shop to observe the the Abyssal wildlife and has a conversation with Laffi about Hablog. They are then interrrupted by Shiggy, who comes to call Riko back to the Orphanage.

Since then, while she has not interacted directly with Riko nor Reg, she has been shown in Orth speaking to Nat and Shiggy about the Abyss and Kiyui, aswell as informing Mio about his sickness.