Kiyui is a young boy who lives at the orphanage with Riko and the other orphans. He is often seen with Nat and Shiggy.

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Kiyui's exact age is not known, but he has the appearance of a toddler or preschooler. Kiyui has blue, often half-closed eyes and short blond hair with a single curl on his forehead.

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Orth Arc Edit

Kiyui is present right at the beginning of the story and later seen as he reads a book about The Abyss. After Riko brought back Reg to the orphanage he observes as the others inspect Reg and try to wake him up with an electrical shock, which causes a blackout. Leader catches him and the others, upon inspecting the blackout's source, and he is punished. After Reg had successfully manged to get officially into the orphanage, due to Shiggy's plan, he and Kiyui spent abit of time.

When Riko and Nat start arguing because she has made up her mind, Kiyui starts crying and Reg comforts him.

Before departing with Riko into The Abyss, Reg warns Kiyui not to look into the mirror on his birthday, fearing he may get Birthday-Death Disease. Kiyui did end up getting sick, although when Mio takes him to her ship to treat him, it seems that he recovered instantly.

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  • He is the only known survivor of the Birthday Death Disease.
  • Kiyui seems to have formed a special bond with Reg in the time they knew each other before Reg and Riko's decent into the Abyss. In fact, before Reg left, he visited Kiyui in his bed to say goodbye before sunrise.