The Hammerbeak is an avian species whose habitat extends from the surface and down to the fourth layer of the Abyss. They're very numerous, as they're often seen in the most shallow areas of the abyss and can be observed with a simple telescope from the houses on Orth. They appear to be quite fond of shiny things, and they will take it to their nest just for the amusement of it.

Their most iconic trait is their hard beak that is fused with their skull. They use it when engaging in hostile situations with other creatures, and they move in large groups relentlessly assaulting their victims. If one of their own is attacked, the whole flock will retaliate. They will also take advantage of weakened opponents that have suffered severe wounds, even if it's a far more powerful creature like a Scarlet Maw. Despite the tight relationship with each other, male hammerbeaks are sometimes in dispute with each other, and resolve it by bashing their heads against each other until one breaks. The headbutting of two hammerbeaks often produces sparks, showcasing the sturdiness of their beaks.

Because they're usually not very big and their beak is all they have going for them as a mechanism for defense, they're not quite so fearsome, and represent a minor danger to Delvers, even in groups. Their meat is delicious and is a very convenient source of food for delvers. Their beak can also serve as a flint, cookware or a container, so catching one will provide a meal and the tools necessary to prepare it. Their feathers also work well as high quality live coals.

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