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The term for it...How do I put this...? Of high social standing...A female...Princess...The Princess of the Narehate...

—Majikajya, describing Faputa


Faputa is the so-called "Princess of the Narehate" of the Narehate Village Ilblu within the inviolable 6th layer of The Abyss.

She is described by Kajya as "the embodiment of value", and is incredibly highly regarded by all the Narehate in the village. Unlike all the citizens of the village, she can leave any time she wants and go wherever she pleases.


Faputa's face, upper arms, and upper torso are dark in color. Her hair is long and feathery. Fluffy white fur covers her rabbit-like ears, forearms, legs, and lower body, starting at her hips. One of Faputa's most noticeable traits is her four arms. On each of her hands are 3 large red claws, which act as fingers. Red clawlike protrusions are also on her hair, her knees, and the ends of her feet, similar to hooves. Her eyes are yellow with large, rounded pupils. Behind her are 5 tails, which spread out in a fan. She appears to have a pair of goggles slung over her shoulder.


Faputa appears to be quite unstable and unreasonable, displaying a wild behavior that makes her comparable to a beast. She speaks in a simplistic and primitive manner, referring to herself in third person, and communicating only with short sentences that are sometimes hard to comprehend. She's very possessive and seemingly quite jealous, claiming Reg to be of her property entirely, and feels entitled to examine him thoroughly without a hint of shame or restrain.

She's beloved by the narehate of the village, but she's often irritated or angry according to Majikajya, and she seems to greatly dislike being observed.


Spoiler warning: The following section contains spoilers. Read with caution.

At some point in the past, Faputa met the Treasure of the Abyss Reg and developed a seemingly close relationship with him. Also in episode 42 (manga), she told Reg that she was calling him Reg. Before Riko.


Spoiler warning: The following section contains spoilers. Read with caution.


Unlike the other Narehate, Faputa is not tied to the village of Ilblu and can move freely around the 6th layer. She's extremely agile and possesses an impressive amount of physical strength, being able to restrict Reg with only two hands.


  • (To Reg) "...en though you're Faputa's...who did this...? What is this injury?"
  • (To Reg) "You...are you planning to spend the same time with human children? Even if they die you will stay the same. What are you planning to do?"


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