The Abyss ecosystem is incredibly diverse and other-wordly, making its flora and fauna just as varied. Living creatures of the great pit have evolved to adapt to such harsh conditions, even developing unique sensing organs to the force field within the abyss.

In order to gauge the peligrosity of the beasts within the abyss, a "danger level" system was created:

☆ (Harmless)

★ (Minor)

★★ (Caution)

★★★ (Serious)

★★★★ (Lethal)

★★★★★ (Irrational)

★★★★★★ (Extraordinary)

★★★★★★★ (Unprecedented)

The Danger Level Unprecedented was originally created as a joke by delvers, but the unexpected appearance of dangerous creatures exceeding even their wildest imaginations ended up making it an official classification.

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