• FubakiChan

    Orth, Town at the Edge of the Abyss (大穴の街オース      Oana-na-machi-osu) is the first chapter of Made in Abyss manga series, and it was published on the date unknown.

    The following characters that appeared in this chapter (by order of appearance)

    • Riko (Main)
    • Natt (Supporting)
    • Shiggy (Supporting)
    • Kiyui (Supporting)
    • Jiruo (Supporting)
    • Belchero (Supporting)
    • Lafy (Supporting)
    • Hafrod (Supporting)

    This chapter was adapted into the first episode of the Made in Abyss anime series, with some changes to sereval details of the manga.

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  • FubakiChan


    November 5, 2017 by FubakiChan

    Hello everyone! This is FubakiChan, and welcome to my Sandbox Page! This is a page, where I will be now mostly testing stuff, trying out new designs, and will be the pieces of evidences where there will be a time, that I'll make major changes to the articles and it would need the admins or professional permissions!

    Remember that this is the main page and will be the page that will link my test pages! If you're trying to find some of my works or tests here, Just click them below!

    Link Here

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  • Iangeraldking

    Context: Stumbled upon the anime and binged through the current episode (11) and then binged to the latest manga chapter (42).

    I'm thoroughly impressed with how the author has embedded psychological concepts into the fabric of this work's universe. What stands out is the nature of the white whistles as complete expressions of individuation - the absolute differentiation of the individual from the collective mass. Moreover, the element of sacrifice rings true - every attainment of a desire requires a sacrifice, a price to be paid in compensation for the value received. In the last few chapters (thus far) the author definitely demonstrates a fluidity with the market concept.

    At heart, the entire trajectory of this work is a Bildungsroman; howe…

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