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Artifacts or Relics are items found in The Abyss by Delvers during their expeditions. While low class artifacts have little to no use, the higher the grade the more extraordinary its effects are. Regardless of grade, all artifacts have a pattern that implies how many times they can be used before they become futile.[1] They're believed to be leftovers from an ancient civilization, and their functioning can't be comprehended by modern technology, let alone imitated.


Special Grade ArtifactEdit

The most valuable class of artifact that can be found. These are items that can change the world and disrupt the balance of power between nations. Retrieving a single one to the surface can guarantee a prosperous future for a whole city or vastly increase the military potential of a country, depending on its use. According to Jiruo, a Special Grade Artifact's value is so large that it can't be measured. Because these artifacts are so valuable, they're the only artifacts that white whistles are not allowed to keep for their own personal use.

  • Unheard Bell - An artifact retrieved by the white whistles Lyza and Ozen. It was discovered in a highly inaccessible location within the 4th layer. Information of its location was leaked and reached multiple countries, sparking a fierce competition to get it. Not many details are known about its use, but it is apparently capable of stopping time in some form.
  • Eon Depths - An artifact that consists of a strange container with a liquor capable of greatly extending the lifespan of those who drink it.
  • Star Thread - A large and thick thread that can withstand any blow.
  • Soul-Slave Zoaholic - A bottom-shaped artifact so large that it takes up a very large room. It allows the user who synchronizes with it to plant his soul on other living beings, spreading his consciousness on multiple bodies. However, if the user overuses it and spreads his consciousness into too many bodies, the individual hosts will grow insane and develop strange behavior, leading the user to largely lose his sense of self and sanity. If the user has the desire, a mere touch is enough to possess another body, and it's impossible to escape the enchantment. The subject does not necessarily have to be human, since when it was first discovered, small animals were manipulating small insects into getting eaten. Even though it was officially retrieved and included in the artifact catalog, the relic was somehow lost fifteen years ago.

First Grade ArtifactEdit

Blaze Reap - An abnormally large pickaxe that contains Everlasting Gunpowder allowing it to serve as an impact explosive type weapon. Due to the fact that it contains Everlasting Gunpowder it's earned the epithet of Everlasting Pickaxe. The pickaxe was previously utilized by Lyza as her signature weapon before mysteriously disappearing during her last dive and was eventually retrieved by Ozen the Immovable on the fourth layer’s Garden of the Flower of Resilience. Currently it's in possession of Riko.

Curse-Warding Box - It's said that any living thing put into this box will be protected from the curse but, as stated by Ozen, that is incorrect (ch. 14 p. 13). Those inside will still suffer the effects of the curse and possibly die as a result, but whatever is inside will come back to life seemingly unaffected and will immediately start crawling towards the center of the abyss before dying again sometime later. However, it's likely that not all beings placed inside the box will die shortly after coming back to life; this was only seen on a single occasion where a creature that was placed in the box came back to life. It was then cut in half by Ozen, which was most likely the cause of death for the upper half of its body awhile later (ch. 14 p. 15). It is in this box that Riko was placed after she was stillborn, and regained life. Reportedly, she also started crawling towards the center of the abyss. The only effects of the curse she suffered are headaches when she does not wear her crystal glasses.

Thousand-Men Pins - Each pin is said to bestow the strength of a thousand men. When Ozen is asked where her strength comes from, she is seen to have, and claims to have, about 120 of these pins embedded in her body. They are also the secret to her longevity.

Third Works - A psychokinetic arm.

Ghost Sight - Glasses that show the unseeable.

Nilfont - A water-producing artifact that possibly forms water from nothing, hence the "nil" before "font" and its status as a first grade artifact.

Grim Reaper - Iron-cutting scissors.

Second Grade ArtifactEdit

White Whistle - White Whistles are Second Grade Artifacts owned by the delvers who are allowed to dive past the fifth layer of The Abyss. They are made from Life Reverberating Stones.

Gold Shaker - A dust collecting pot.

Tomorrow Signal - A weather divining vane.

Third Grade ArtifactEdit

Fog Weave - A clear and thin piece of cloth, used by Nanachi to represent the true nature of an abyss' curse to those who can't see it with their naked eye. It bends if someone touches it and overlaps many times, even breathing can alter the movement of the relic.

Fourth Grade ArtifactEdit

Star Compass - A relic that Riko named. She found it in the first level. The "compass" part won't move even if you turn or move the ball. Riko says it's pointing to the bottom of the Abyss ...

Scale Umbrella - Technically, a processed relic. Someone threw it away, and Riko picked it up. They made a grade 3 relic, charcoal sand, into bars poorly and then put the bars together poorly, resulting in the grade being lowered. The light and strong property of charcoal sand is still in the umbrella and Riko carries as a shield.


  1. Chapter 29, p. 13

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