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Artifacts or Relics are items found in The Abyss by Delvers during their expeditions. While low class artifacts have little to no use, the higher the grade the more extraordinary its effects are. Regardless of grade, all artifacts have a pattern that implies how many times they can be used before they become futile.[1] They're believed to be leftovers from an ancient civilization, and their functioning can't be comprehended by modern technology, let alone imitated.

The red whistles at Belchero Orphanage often go into the first layer to search for artifacts. Though what is found is usually of a lower grade, they can still be sold overseas for decent money. The money from these artifacts benefits the orphanage.


Special Grade ArtifactsEdit

The most valuable class of artifact that can be found. These are items that can change the world and disrupt the balance of power between nations. Retrieving a single one to the surface can guarantee a prosperous future for a whole city or vastly increase the military potential of a country, depending on its use. According to Jiruo, a Special Grade Artifact's value is so large that it can't be measured. Because these artifacts are so valuable, they're the only artifacts that White Whistles are not allowed to keep for their own personal use.

  • Reg
  • Unheard Bell
  • Soul-Slave Zoaholic
  • Eon Depths - a strange container with a liquor capable of greatly extending the lifespan of those who drink it.
  • Star Thread - A large and thick thread that can withstand any blow.

First Grade ArtifactsEdit

  • Third Works - A psychokinetic arm.
  • Ghost Sight - Glasses that show the imperceptible.
  • Nilfont - A water-producing artifact that possibly forms water from nothing, hence the "nil" before "font" and its status as a first grade artifact.
  • Grim Ripper - Iron-cutting scissors.

Second Grade ArtifactsEdit

  • Gold Shaker - A dust collecting pot.
  • Tomorrow Signal - A weather divining vane.
  • Far Caress - One of Bondrewd's personal relics. Also called Touching the Moon. Capable of manipulating countless tendrils. Incredibly tough and elastic. Strictly speaking, it's not exactly an artifact, but a native creature enclosed within a cylinder. It's classified as an artifact simply because it cannot be collected outside of the Abyss.

Third Grade ArtifactsEdit

  • Fog Weave - A piece of cloth so thin that you can see right through it. It's so light that it floats over the ground like fog. Even breathing can alter its movement. Used by Nanachi to explain the true nature of the curse to Reg.
  • Charcoal Sand - A strong and lightweight material, notably used to make the Scaled Umbrella.

Fourth Grade ArtifactsEdit

  • Sun Sphere - Shines brightly when activated. It was used by Riko and Reg to distract the attention of creatures away from them and enable the two to escape. [2][3] It was eaten by an aquatic creature in the Sea of Corpses.

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Artifacts of Unknown Grade Edit

  • Sparagmos - The Origin Guiding Light. One of Bondrewd's personal relics. A processed artifact similar to Reg's Incinerator that generates mysterious blade of light. Things it hits will undoubtedly disintegrate, without any exceptions.
  • Gangway - Also called Ascending to the Morning Star. Another one of Bondrewd's. Produced from another artifact, the Stairway of Light. It releases a band of light to strike at the reflected target. It has the capability to strike the object where the user strongly focuses on, at multiple targets, and even fire where rays cannot be reflected.
  • Shaker - The Curse Needle. Yet another one of Bondrewd's. Manufactured from another relic, the Curse Steel. When pierced with one of these a human will be inflicted with the curse of the 3rd layer.
  • Canopy Unto Dawn - You guessed it: Bondrewd. A custom set of armor that's basically a whole bunch of artifacts processed together with bio-fibers and built in weapons to increase combat efficiency. Also helps to ease the strain of Bondrewd's divided consciousness.


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