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The Goblet of Giants is the 4th layer of The Abyss. A sprawling jungle of unique, awe-inspiring and deadly fauna, this layer is characterized by a deceptive fusion of beauty and danger.


It is a humid jungle of strong vines weaving giant concave discs called Dairakazura.[1] The tops of the discs capture water from the air and the light from the forcefield refracts from this water, giving the scenery a blue hue.[2] The beams that support the Dairakazura are from a different plant and, every 2000 years, the Kazura dish withers. This allows the supporting plant beneath to grow unhindered, completely changing the scenery until the Dairakazura grows back.[3] Because of this, no attempts have been made at creating a detailed map of its features, beyond pointing out non-jungle landmarks. The fully grown cups are filled with hot water in the top, but the ones that are not fully grown produce acid instead.

The high concentrations of water in this region cause high humidity and sometimes fog.

In an area away from the vertical shaft, in the upper region of the fourth layer, is Nanachi's Hideout, which is unaffected by the curse.[4]

Eternal fortunes garden

Garden of Flowers of Resilience

In the middle region at the 9000 meters mark there is the famous Garden of the Flower of Resilience, an area filled with Eternal Fortunes, the trademark flower of the Abyss.[5] The distinctive sight produced by the countless glowing flowers make of the garden one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Abyss.

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