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The Forest of Temptation is the first truly dangerous section of the abyss. The fauna and environment suddenly change, turning into a tropical rainforest with huge vegetation. It is filled with dangerous beasts and ascending becomes increasingly difficult, making it a place where only experienced explorers can delve into. If a red whistle delver somehow gets to the 2nd Layer, search parties are called off and it is treated as a suicide.

Deeper in this layer, there is an area known as the "Inverted Forest". This is an area where updrafts and wind currents coming from the Abyss are so strong that the environment effectively flips, creating a forest of upside-down platforms that cave raiders have to jump across. Even water flows upwards. Far from the center, placed to ease the effects of the Curse, an Observation Camp was once built to serve as a resting point for delvers.

Inverted forest

Inverted Forest

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